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BookWear & College Recruiting

Recruiting today is a blend of communication, technology, media and timing that demands the orchestration of a maestro. The fact is students are flooded with messages and media. With a mix of email, phone calls, texts, Facebook, Twitter, viewbooks, website, mail, etc. the logistics are complex. But the messaging premise is still simple. Your message must be novel, creative and surprising to be seen.

College and University BookWear Covers

High school graduates are solicited aggressively. One parent said he gathered and weighed all the mail his daughter received and it totaled 45 pounds!! Digital and mobile media are weightless and fast but they’re so ubiquitous that they’ve become background noise. Tangible, fun and surprising messaging is seen and acted on! Your recruiting story and photos get printed on the BookWear® cover. There’s a surprise gift inside. When any of the “books” above land on a desk they get opened.

BookWear for College and University Recruiting

Once the “book” is opened and the student puts on the T-shirt (or 30 other gifts available) they start identifying with your campus and advertising for you. There is a huge conversion rate happening once they read and open your book and accept the gift. People remember surprises!

“We get a higher yield with BookWear® than with any other communications.” Case Western Reserve University

BookWear Unique Recruiting Tool

“Congratulations on Your Acceptance!” can go on the front as a book title. Mail BookWear® like a postcard, or we’ll mail it for you. This year we mailed 22,000 for the University of Georgia. They’ve told their story in “books” for 8 years in a row and are setting enrollment records. 650 colleges and universities use BookWear® for recruiting, marketing and fundraising. Many of them use it for admissions, alumni, advancement, foreign study, student activities, and to promote various other departments. Oberlin has used BookWear® for a “Welcome to campus” message for 12 straight years

BookWear T-Shirts for College Recruiting

“We know that our students have liked receiving this gift during orientation each year and we know that they use them. That is really the key to a good gift.” St. Norbert College

Dimensional mail gets opened. That’s a fact. And this book has the additional compelling question of “What’s inside?” In a world flooded with virtual media, TANGIBLE MESSAGING has increased relevance. With a reduction of education budgets heightening an emphasis on tuition, effective recruiting becomes even more important.

Your art department can design the package or we’ll design it for you. The possibilities for the outside of the BookWear® box and what’s inside are endless.

Surprise Recruiting Gifts College University Marketing

There are 30 surprise gifts to choose from that go inside BookWear® with a logo is printed on them. Your message is remembered every time the gift is used. Especially with the T-shirt the recipient develops a growing sense of identity to your campus, and they’re advertising for you. The brand exposure is exponential when hundreds of people are walking around with your T-shirt on. The USB drive can be pre-loaded with course descriptions, a campus video tour, student handbook or other file.

Additional materials may be inserted inside BookWear®. For example you may supply a return envelope to your admissions office, an academic/athletic calendar, a “Congratulations” card, an invitation to orientation, etc. We will insert these inside BookWear® for free when they are supplied ready-to-go.

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